AbeTree Pro ATS24
Fingerprint Scanner Device
with Active Thermal Sensor


Why AbeTree Pro ATS 24

Fingerprint Scanner Devices


Disruptive Biometric Fingeprint Scanner with Active Thermal Technology


All Over Market Acceptance


Live Digital Fingerprint Scanner and Verification


Large finger area but portable fingerprint scanner for High Security


Low Energy Consumption Fingerprint Scanner


Easy to Integrate USB Fingerprint Scanner


Security Certified by FBI, Adhaar, ChinaID, NIBSS

Unique Advantages of
Active Thermal Sensor

Large sensing area and ultra-thin form factor FAP20 sensor excellent for portable fingerprint scanner

Cost effective Biometric Fingerprint Scanner for customers

Certified by FBI (PIV) and NIBSS Nigeria, ensuring high standards fingerprint scanner.

Immune to sunlight interference, making fingerprint scanners reliable in various lighting conditions.

Works well with moisture and sweaty fingers, ideal for biometric fingerprint scanner in diverse environments.

Low sensitivity to electrical & environmental noise, ensuring accuracy for all types of fingerprint scanner.

High-resolution image with low power consumption, perfect, portable fingerprint scanners.

Support both rigid & flexible formats, providing versatility for fingerprint scanners.


Active Thermal Sensor Technology


The warmth from the finger transfers to the sensor, and the fingerprint scanner uses that unique finger imprint.


When a finger is placed on the biometric finger sensor, it wakes up and adds heat into each pixel.


That heat will transfer very efficiently into the sensor where there is contact. In the ridges of the finger, there will be efficient and fast heat flow, ensuring accurate readings for fingerprint scanners.


In the valleys of the finger, where there is air, there will not be same heat flow.


This is a major difference between ridges and valleys, and it is used to map the print in biometric fingerprint scanners.

Comparison with Optical Sensors

Active Terminal Pro ATS24

High-resolution picture of the fingerprint in 3D

Can detect different materials to identify spoofing

Active Thermal is not affected by sunlight

Ultra thin form factor

Works well with moisture and sweaty fingers

Pro 20 and Pro ATS24 are of same size

Pro 20

2D picture of the fingerprint

Can not detect materials

Affected by sunlight

Tends to be big and bulky

Poor performance in case of wet fingers

Key Advantages
ATS24 Fingerprint Scanner

Works regardless of light conditions - sunlight immunity

Direct contact sensor for sharp IMAGE-No optical distortion

Superior moisture and sweaty Finger performance

Low sensitivity to electrical & Environmental noise

Form factor enables 365-degree authentication - Authenticate at One Touch in any direction

Cost effective solution

Suitable For

Windows Logon

Enterprise Authentication

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Time and Attendance

Physical access control


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